Technology is making the move between cities and suburban areas simpler, encouraging additional development, notes Marcus Hiles. App friendly transportation such as Uber and self-driving cars are making commuting quicker and more enjoyable. A recent Bloomberg article asserted that “suburbs will soar on wings of tech” and noted that the rising use of drones is something not to be ignored. The more commodious and rural an area, the easier it is to employ unmanned flying machines for deliveries and other tasks. As well, remote work, virtual reality and smart-device technology is changing daily routines, making commuting a less necessary part of daily life. Consider also, the advent of connected household appliances, electronics and “smart homes”, as these helpful inventions are ensuring a comfortable living experience and are easily integrated into new communities. Additionally, the ability to create sustainable, and eco-friendly residential developments has created a shift in the appeal and function of these smaller centers.

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Marcus Hiles Notes Rising Role Of Modern Tech In Daily Life

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