Having planted 30,000 trees consistently, Marcus Hiles states that the yearly planting of 2,500 trees is a noteworthy chunk of Western Rim’s green strategy. “We have seen the positive impact our activities have had, both as far as style and nature is concerned” he says. “These efforts are just the start. We plant and give parklands over and above the government’s initiatives since we understand that our work today will help the earth later on. I will keep developing the tree covering in a vast piece of our sites and besides make parks, running trails, and natural reserves. Our commitment to the natural eco-system gives our tenants the best experience in a thriving neighborhood.”

Read more: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/marcus-hiles—-continues-to-plant-2500-trees-per-year-for-environment-2016-05-23 

Marcus Hiles is Committed to Extend Green Efforts Beyond the Government’s Efforts

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